Withdraw Funds from a Limited Paypal Account

-Limited (180 Day Hold) PayPal Account with funds inside
-Phone/Ability to make phone calls
-A bank account linked to the PayPal (or some form of withdrawal thing like a cc)

Firstly, call up PayPal. You’ll be greeted by a bot, answer the questions it has to verify your PayPal account then when it asks you in your own words what you need help with say “Account Limitations”

After that you’ll be talking to a PayPal representative. Say something along the lines of;“ Hello, so my paypal account is on a 180 day hold and I can’t take my money out, my mom said to call you guys and you’ll get it sorted, she said that I should move all my funds to her account since I’m not 18 and I can’t even have a PayPal account. So could you do this for me?”

The rep will say “Legally we aren’t allowed to hold your funds due to the fact you aren’t 18. So what I will do is make some changes within your account and give you the ability to withdraw your funds into the linked bank account”

Boom, you’re done.

Note: It completely depends on who you’re talking to, if the rep says no then just re call and try again, this will work.

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