What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is the service providing space on the Internet for websites.

When you make a website and want to other people see it then you need to publish content with web hosting service.

Web Hosting Service storing content on highly powerful computers with high speed internet link connected to make faster access from worldwide.

the activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites is called web hosting services.

Web hosting is a lot like that. Web hosting companies are like the owners of the shopping centers. Instead of physical real estate, they own servers. These servers are divided up into spaces that are for rent. Just like store units can be different square footage, web servers can have different sized spots for rent. Which one you need depends on how large your site is. In a physical store you will have inventory and fixtures, such as shelving. In a web server you will have files and images.

If you decided you wanted to open up a shop in your town that sold dog toys you would need to do a few things before you were open for business.

Beyond the legal paperwork you would need to get a supplier. You also need a location for your store, so you would likely contact a real estate agent that specialized in business locations. They would help you determine the best location for your store and set out to find a spot to rent. Eventually you would secure a spot in a shopping center that is owned by another company. You then pay rent to them in return for you housing your inventory and running your business in their shopping center.

There is 3 types of hosting that can get for your website.

Shared: Shared Hosting is very cheaper. shared hosting can be use for small medium size company who has low budget and traffic. shared hosting is companies host many websites in a dedicated server and make profits from their clients.

VPS: VPS Hosting gives you more power than shared. VPS hosting will be good for medium size business owners. VPS hosting is a virtualization from a dedicated server that gives clients root access to work more efficiently for their software and website.

Dedicated: Dedicated Server is a Hosting that powerful hosting. Dedicated Server is good for enterprise company who has lots of traffic and loads on their website and software. dedicated server is a hosting that companies will provide you a separated Hardware in their data center and your resources will not be shared with any other clients.

that how web hosting works. thanks for reading this article please follow our blog to read more articles like this.

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