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The three most popular marketplaces for freelancers are Odesk.com, Freelancer.com, Elance.com. All three sites are in very good condition

Depending on the import, a large portion of the foreign currency reserves we need in this country come from expatriate Bangladeshis. In 2012, Bangladeshi workers living abroad sent about $ 1 billion (source: World Bank). Assuming it will grow at 5 percent per year, it will be around US $ 1 billion by 20 years.

Odesk is the largest outsourcing company. Bangladesh is now the 3rd largest freelancing marketplace. Currently there are three active Bangladeshi freelancers in Odesk and Bangladeshi participation is increasing day by day. For this reason, Odesk initiative has been held in Bangladesh ‘Contractors’ Application Day (212) and all the top officials of Odesk have visited Bangladesh on several occasions on behalf of Odesk. Bangladeshi freelancers used to make 2 percent of Odesk’s work in 20 years. By 2022, that stood at 32 percent. Bangladeshi freelancers worked in Odessk for a quarter of 20,000 hours in the quarter of 2012.

Bangladesh is also in the first row in the other popular online marketplace Eleans. In a recent report, the eLens authorities named the top 20 countries in the Contractor by Geography category. This list contains the names of Bangladesh. The United States is in the top position and India is in the second position. According to the published information, the site currently has a registered Bangladeshi freelancer 3 thousand 5 (as of April 1, 2009). The average working hours of Bangladeshi here is 5 dollars. So far Bangladeshi freelancers have earned US $ 1 million from this site.

Now let’s move on to the outsourcing industry. Freelancers in Bangladesh earned more than Tk 1 crore in 2012. A total of $ 1 billion will be outsourced in 20 years. If we take 5% market share of it, then it is about US $ 1 billion and if we take 5% market share, it will be about US $ 20 billion, which will surpass our current largest foreign exchange earning sector.

Freelancer.com has more than 20,000 registered freelancers. The second popular site, Freelancer.com, also satisfies Bangladeshi position. Bangladeshi social media marketing and search engine optimization work more on this site. Many of the Bangladeshi programmers have now started working on Freelancer.com as the last script was purchased by Freelancer.com.

Most of the Bangladeshi work is done on Data Entry and SEO / SEM / SMM. Other than that, the amount of other work, including Web Development, Software Development, Writing & Content, Design, and Multimedia & Architecture, is not less. Web development or software development projects cost more. Bangladeshi freelancers need to be more involved in such activities. It is seen that a Bangladeshi search engine optimizer works at a cost of $ 5 to $ 1 per hour, whereas a US web developer charges from $ 5 to $ 5 per hour. He is able to charge such a large sum of money simply because of his ability. In this case Bangladeshi freelancers need to acquire more skills.

About 5 percent of our country is female. And a large portion of these women rarely do such a thing that impacts the national economy. But if you want a large portion of your home, you can earn at least $ 5 per hour by freelancing at $ 5 per hour if you spend 3-5 hours a day at home. If the total number of working people is 1 crore, then there are 1.5 crore women. If there are half a million educated women and women and it is possible to build them as a freelancer, then $ 1.5 billion a day will be generated from this field. The income will rise to $ 1 million a year.

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