What is Black Friday? Learn more about how the process started

Every year, Americans celebrate a Friday in November as ‘Black Friday’. Many people remember the day by hearing the name. You think, perhaps, because of the ominous, Americans call the day ‘Black’. But not really.

Black Friday is a very desirable day for the American people. Many Americans only hope for this day of the year. These days, almost all merchants in the United States sell their products at unbeatable prices. As a result, almost half of all the merchandise sold in the United States is made in just one day.

But buying and selling is beneficial to both traders and buyers. So why is it just the name of this day ‘Black Friday’?

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in America on the fourth Thursday of November. That day the American people thanked each other. Just the following day, Friday is celebrated as ‘Black Friday’.

Black Friday is sold so widely throughout the United States that one day the index of the American economy goes a long way. Traders who have suffered losses in red ink or tired of writing all year long do not receive profit on the shop accounts. And the profit is to write in black ink! So the name of the day may be Black Friday.

But the real events are far behind. America was going through a terrible economic downturn in the 5th. Traders think of a special day to recover from that recession. The day when they will declare incredible numbers of people for the people. As a result people will shop like crazy.

In fact, it is. These days, the American people behave like a madman. Opening shop at five in the morning will be sold at a price, from the previous day to the front of the shop, small and big everyone. Occasionally fights about who goes ahead of the line.

Launched in 5th, this Black Friday is still open. This year also a record number of merchandise have been sold in the United States on Black Friday.

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