RDP For 1 Year | Fully Working

1. Go to https://aws.amazon.com/free/

2. Click on create a Free Account

3. You will be redirected to a page that prompts you to create/login. Create a user/password (You can put your real name or a fake one, doesn’t really matter)

4. Once redirected, Click on Personal account instead of Professional.

5. Fill up the details on it and create your account

6. The next page will prompt you for your credit card/debit card details – I will provide you a link where you can get a free one

7. revolut: https://www.revolut.com/ – Create your account. You are required to submit your legit documents, but just submit it

8. Once you’re done, Proceed to your mobile number page, If you wish to use your own phone number or spoofed one, You could.

9. You can get a spoofed number at TextNow or any other service.


11. Choose your support plan – “Free plan”

12. Just fill up everything that they asked/prompts you too.

13. Once you’re done, click on My account – AWS Console Management

14. You’ll be prompt to sign in, Sign in with the account you created. “Root User”

15. On the top left, Press on Services – EC2 – Check on Windows server 2016

16. Choose Instance type – General (Free type) – Click on Launch

17 Create a new key pair, Key pair name (Anything you will like) – Download key pair – Launch instance

18. You’ll be redirected to a page which states Launch Status, Click on View instance

19. You’ll be redirected to a page again which would be your EC2 | Console

20. (wait 5 mins) for amazon to create your account(VPS/RDP)

21. Once your Instance State is running, Right-click on it and choose “Get Windows Password”

22. Choose file – Choose the file which you’ve downloaded on step #17, Decrypt Password

23. It’ll show you your Publics DNS, Username and Password. COPY IT DOWN, Close it once you’re done

24. Right-click on the “Running status again”, Click Connect – Click on “Download Remote Desktop File”

25. A file will be downloaded, Run the file and login with your login credentials and you’re done Thank you for your time & sorry for the long tutorials but it will only use 10mins of your time when doing so. I wish to be very detailed so you guys won’t be stuck halfway through the process..

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