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Exactly like flexibility is so important and a great advantage to those using cloud computing it’s also important how fast these changes take place which is another benefit found in the cloud. Effective risk management practices are crucial for operating and keep a secure cloud computing solution. From a risk manager’s viewpoint, evaluating, and administering risk in a cloud computing environment can be very difficult. The cloud computing setting can be complicated with regards to security management.

The literature also shows that the origin of the term Cloud computing is still unclear, however it appears that it derives from the approach of using sketches or diagrams with clouds that included computing networks along with other types of technology. In 1997, Cloud computing was recognized as a New computing paradigm where the boundaries of computing will be determined by economic rationale rather than technical limits alone. Even though the private cloud a lot more security controls in place than the public cloud when c access to such environment, the need for some security still exists from other vulnerabilities triggered by the access to the outside world from the private clouds.

The next characteristic discussed on the article allows organizations running a cloud computing business or those running on the cloud to know precisely the utilization rate at which the cloud environment is running at. All of the aforementioned characteristics and models gave a much better understanding of what the cloud computing is made of and how it’s supposed to work. Cloud computing is an example of a virtually virtualized system, and a natural evolution for data centers that employ automated management systems, workload balancing, and virtualization technologies. The arrival of cloud services is basically shifting the economics of IT.

How Risk Management became a critical element of Cloud Computing Security. The article will synthesize latest literature about a few of the most efficient risk management practices inside the cloud. Exactly like every other info system tool or application, security and security are very important to risk professionals which are controlling your stresses cloud environments. The article concludes discussing what risk management practices are being considered and utilized to defend the cloud. Cloud computing is defined by the National Institute of Standard and Technology, as a model to allow convenient, on demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.

Cloud computing mixes the best economic qualities of mainframe and client server computing.

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