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Database Cloud Tutorial details

The web application’s database is unique. Databases are required for any good application. However the database has a lot, and generally the relational database is used more. Some famous databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Postgre SQL, and PgSQL etc. Data can be stored in a database, and according to the query (according to the need) […]

Cloud Private IBM Installation and Configuration

This badge earner demonstrates knowledge on how to install and configure IBM Cloud Private. The badge earner also has demonstrated the ability to deploy applications to IBM Cloud Private and understands how to configure IBM Cloud Private to support high availability. The earner also understands how use the services available from the service catalog as […]

Cloud Hosting For Business How it Works

Cloud hosting is the latest form of hosting that has become extremely popular over the past few years. Cloud hosting describes a method of configuring servers in a flexible way to allow for the most affordable, scalable, and reliable web infrastructure. Cloud hosting sites basically operate across various web servers that are interconnected, and as […]

Wait For Access Your Cloud Linux Server

We place your resources on Highly Available Tuned Cloud VPS Server. The Edge of our platform on others is that we are in the process of developing tutorials for every application tool. So For example when you have database software we will also post a short tutorial on how to configure a database server. This […]

Cloud for Business Public Vs Private

With regards to business, couple of things are as misconstrued as ‘the cloud’. The significant issue it appears, is a typical absence of information: numerous experts see the cloud as a solitary item, and along these lines hold judgment on the cloud business overall, in view of stories of real cloud disappointment they may have […]

Private Cloud Use Cases Real World

It is at this point a prosaism that most IT associations are arranging an ocean change IT foundation methodology that incorporates Cloud Computing. Private Cloud is a rudimentary piece of this strategy. Building a Private Cloud isn’t an inevitable end product, notwithstanding for endeavors who want to oversee framework and applications in-house. With virtualization and […]

Citizen Sophia Says World’s first robot

The world’s first artificially intelligent robot, Sophia, has expressed gratitude to the ICT Division of Bangladesh in a video message. Sophia, the humanoid robot resembling Hollywood legend Audrey Hepburn, is about to add spark to this year’s Digital World expo that kicks-off in Dhaka on Dec 6. The ICT Division released the video message on […]

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